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July 26, 2018


Lake Worth - A Vision for the Future!





The City of Lake Worth enjoyed a fantastic 3rd and 4th of July celebration, thank you to all who joined us at the Star Spangled Band Showcase, the NAPC Parade and Raft Race, the July 4th Concert or finally the (slightly wet) Fireworks Display!





Join PBC Commissioner David Kerner and Lake Worth Commissioner Omari Hardy along with representatives from FDOT & PBC Public Works Dept this Thursday from 6-8pm at the Casino Ballroom for a discussion about the traffic issues on 10th Ave N. Parking for the event is FREE



On Tuesday the Lake Worth Commission undertook a Visioning Session to try and work toward a common future vision for the City. This was an opportunity for the Commissioners to talk through their ideas and work together to develop a single vision that staff can work to make possible. It is just the beginning of the process and although long afterwards we were able to speak with City Manager, Michael Bornstein, about his thoughts.


What were you hoping to get out of the session going in?
It was my hope to have the Commissioners discuss and decide on our main strategic areas of focus.   
The session was 6 hours long, what would you say are the key takeaways, for people that don’t watch it all, from the session?
The major themes included:   infill development and redevelopment, improving demographics, school ratings, customer service, and, public relations and messaging.  There were many discussions within each of these categories. 
Is this just the beginning of a longer process and if so what comes next?
The consultant will compile this list in the framework of a developing strategic plan/vision for the City.  Staff will then take that framework and flesh out ideas and concepts on how to address each with a plan of action for each.  That draft will go back to the Commission for input, questions and honing and may be reworked several times until it meets their approval. 
Did you feel that when all was said and done there was the beginnings of a unified vision for the City?
Yes.  For the first time in recent memory, the Mayor and Commissioners had the opportunity of focus to sit down and have this public discussion.  That is how consensus is formed and where a unified vision is pulled together. 
Do you have any final thoughts about the Visioning Session? 
It was an amazing meeting that allowed the Mayor and Commissioners to speak with each other about their beloved City.  Ideas, concerns and perspectives that you do not usually hear at more structured regular Commission meetings were presented and discussed.  In some ways it was forum for them to hash out differences and build consensus while not being constrained formal processes like Roberts Rules of Order or prohibited by the Sunshine Law.  The openness and freedom not only produced an outline of a plan but also allowed for better understanding among the Commission.  It is part of building a sense of Team.
It is evident that our Mayor and Commissioners love the City of Lake Worth and wants the best for every citizen.



VFW Post 9610 is organizing a Spartan Pledge Day in Bryant Park on July 28th. The goal is to unite the communities with a fun family friendly atmosphere and establish a platform to better assist and educate the public to include the warfighter community on veteran suicide prevention. This will be the 1st Annual Spartan Pledge Day/ Veteran Suicide Prevention Day in Lake Worth. 



Did You Know?

Although the Lake Worth Ocean Rescue team's main focus is on saving human lives they do undergo training to perform rescues of other ocean visitors. Last week the team partnered with Loggerhead Marinelife Center and learned to safely rescue a sea turtle!




Hurricane Season Has Started
Be Prepared



When most Floridians think of Hurricane Season, they think about wind damage.  Did you know that flood damage can be more devastating and costly than wind?  Did you know that Palm Beach County issues Evacuation Orders for the storm surge threat, not for wind?


Purchase a Flood Insurance policy today  Standard homeowner’s and renter’s insurance does not cover property damage caused by flooding. You should purchase a flood insurance policy for your building and its contents whether your property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) or not.  Renters should buy flood insurance for their belongings.  Don’t wait until the next storm is coming to buy flood insurance as there is usually a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy takes effect.  Visit for more information.


Know Your Flood Hazard   To assist residents in understanding the flood hazard and the effects on construction, remodeling, and maintaining buildings, the City offers the following free services to residents.  Call the Building Division today at 561.586.1647 to find out:

·     In which flood zone your property is located.

·     If your property is in an area predicted to flood in the future

·     If your property is located in an area that has previously had flooding problems.

·     If your property is located near an area that should be protected because of its natural floodplain functions.

·     If an elevation certificate is on file for a building.


Have a Plan!  Understand our local alert notification systems and know what you should do, so you are prepared to evacuate or take actions to protect your property when flooding is imminent.  Residents should be aware that Lake Worth is directed by Palm Beach County Emergency Management Division who will advise our community of impending storms and flood threats.  Stay tuned to local television and radio stations and the Weather Channel for up-to-the-minute information.  For more information about emergency notification, go to the Palm Beach County website at .


Safety Tips For your own safety, there is no substitute for advance planning and preparation for flood events.  Do not drive around road barriers.  Roads may not be distinguishable from canals.  Do not walk through flowing water.  As little as six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.  Stay away from power lines and electrical wires.  Evacuate the area as soon as the order is given or sooner if possible!  If evacuation becomes necessary be sure to turn off all utility services at the main connection.


Know How to Protect Your Property  There are practical and cost effective methods for reducing or eliminating your property’s exposure to flooding.  Check your building for water entry points such as doors, low windows, and dryer vents.  These can be protected by the construction of low walls, barriers, or berms to keep water away from the building.  You could elevate the building, elevate electrical equipment, and install backflow valves.  Find more information at FEMA’s website   City Staff members are available to provide property protection consultations including site visits and drainage evaluations.  Call the Building Division at 561.586.1647 for advice.


Build Responsibly!  Any development in the floodplain requires a building permit.  Always check with the Building Division before you alter, re-grade, or bring fill onto your property to ensure that projects do not cause drainage problems for you or your neighbors. Call 561.586.1647.


Drainage System Maintenance  The City’s Stormwater Division has a certified, technical staff and fleets of heavy equipment that work to maintains proper drainage and to prevent pollutants from reaching inlets and storm drains that lead into our coastal waterways.  The Streets Division cleans drains before and after rain events and major storms.  You can help by reporting blocked drains and keeping garbage and debris away from the drains.  It is prohibited and unlawful to deposit anything that is not identified as acceptable stormwater directly or indirectly into the stormwater system.  If you witness unlawful dumping, please call the Public Works Division at 561.533.7346 to report it immediately!


More Information is available at the Palm Beach County Public Library and on the City of Lake Worth website at .  Click on “Hurricane & Flood Info”.



As Florida enters the 2018 hurricane season, the City of Lake Worth Electric Utility reminds you to stay safe and be prepared. If a storm does hit our area, stay away from downed power lines – don’t touch them. Electric crews will be working diligently to restore power as quickly as possible.

Don't forget that after the storm it is important to look at the above diagram and if any of the black parts are damaged on your property then you will need to call a licensed electrician to assist as these belong to you and LWEU workers are unable to fix these. If the blue areas are damaged LWEU staff will make the repairs. Do not attempt to perform any of the electric repairs yourself, hire a professional licensed electrician who will work with LWEU to make necessary repairs safely.

The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to us so we encourage every household to have an emergency plan and a disaster supply kit before the storm hits, preparation is key not just for every resident in our community, but for your public power utility, as well. The City of Lake Worth Electric Utility has been making investments to strengthen electric systems so they are ready when severe weather strikes.




2018 Refuse Schedules are now available!

You can download a copy here or you can pick a hard copy up at any municipal building. As a reminder the normal weekly schedule is:

The upcoming Bulk Pick-up dates are:
Zone 1 - Monday, August 20
Zone 2 - Thursday, August 16
Zone 3 - Friday, August 17
Zone 4 - Tuesday, August 21

Residents are reminded that no refuse containers may be left out in a position that is visible to the street, except on the day they are being collected and from 6pm the night before the collection. Code enforcement will be issuing citations for any container visible from the street not on collection day.



Starting Oct. 1, residents and businesses in the City of Lake Worth will have two recycling bins instead of one, as the City restarts its partnership with the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (SWA).

The new partnership will have a big impact on making recycling in the City of Lake Worth more sustainable. Lake Worth’s single stream recycling partner had raised the cost of recycling by $90 per ton and regular assessments of single stream recycling showed that over a third of loads were contaminated and unable to be cleanly recycled. By re-partnering with the SWA, the City of Lake Worth will see economic savings as well as benefit from the SWA’s Recycling Revenue Share Program.

Recycling efforts through the SWA go back into the local community as a Revenue Share. Since 2010, local municipalities have shared almost $9.3 million in recycling revenue. Lake Worth will now be a part of this program, and benefit from the sale of recyclables.

The SWA has operated a two-bin recycling system since the late 1980s, keeping paper separated from dirty food and drink containers. This ensures that the paper that is recovered is very clean and has a higher value, while wasting as little as possible.

The yellow bin is for cardboard, newspapers and inserts, office and school paper, mail, magazines, dry food boxes, paper bags, cardboard paper rolls, and pizza boxes. The blue bin is for plastic bottles and containers, cans for food and beverages, glass bottles and jars, cartons for milk and juice, and drink boxes.


Items that do NOT go in either recycling bin include: plastic bags, foam products, aluminum foil and pans, shredded paper, plastic eating utensils and straws, paper plates, paper towels and napkins, coat hangers, light bulbs, and needles.


The City of Lake Worth remains committed to environmentally conscious living. An effective recycling program is an important part of that commitment along with our progressive projects such as our Municipal Solar Energy Field, Low Impact LED lighting, and our continued work with the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center on capturing the energy of the Gulf Stream current. We look forward to partnering with the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County to provide a more efficient and lower cost recycling program to all residents.




The City of Lake Worth is pleased to announce Rec2Go, a free recreation program every Wednesday night from 5-7pm in Bryant Park starting June 20 and running through August 8. Every week new activities will be available for residents ages 5yrs-105yrs to take part in and enjoy including; kickball, volleyball, relay races, and other outdoor field games. Rec2Go does not require any registration and is completely free for all participants.



Located at One 7th Avenue North Lake Worth Golf Course and Pro Shop has been in business since 1927. The golf course is comprised of a unique old Florida design with a scenic 6,100 yard, par-70 course located along 1.2 miles of the Intracoastal Waterway.

For more information please click here



Mark your calendars for the most fun Summer Movie Nights. Join Lake Worth for Screen on the Green in the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza on select Friday nights starting at 6:30pm for a night of family friendly outdoor cinema.

August 3 | Despicible Me 3

See you there!!!


Join the Lake Worth CRA on Friday, September 21 at HATCH1121 for a FREE showing of Disney Pixar's Coco starting at 8pm.





Did you know you can learn more about the fun happening in the City on facebook? Check out the Lake Worth Casino Building & Beach Complex Page



The Lake Worth Public Library will be closed for inventory Monday, August 6th through Saturday, August 11th. It will resume operations on the following Tuesday, August 14th.  No books will be due during this week and no fines will be given. Books may be returned in the book drops during the week on the front porch of the library.

Before it closes however, the Lake Worth Public Library will be holding its summer book sale. From Tuesday, July 24 - Friday, August 3. Used books are priced from 25 cents and up. Books are viewable at the library during its normal hours of Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Thursday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Friday and Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you have questions please call the library at 561-533-7354. 





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