2011 Mauno Laurila 80

Monday, December 26 marked Mauno Laurila's 80th birthday. Mauno is a long-time resident of the area and member and former president of both Suomi Talo and the Floridan Laulumiehet. He and his wife Anja hosted a terrific birthday party at their home on Monday afternoon. The Floridan Laulumiehet serenaded him with a song written by Heikki Perttu especially for Mauno. Tapio Salin, current president of Suomi Talo presented Mauno with a beautiful bouquet of roses and Osmo Kanerva, president of the Northstar Athletic Club, presented him with the club's "viiri" banner. Aimo Tervakoski, current president of the Laulumiehet, presented a greeting from the members and Elli Saari read a beautiful birthday greeting. Violinist, Pirjo Pederson played several of Mauno and Anja's favorite songs and provided background music as the guests enjoyed the bountiful buffet. Happy Birthday Mauno!
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