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About the Author:

Life Coach with color, Color and Image Consultant NAOMI EBBA DONNER
Introduced color analysis in Scandinavia in 1983 and developed her own holistic approach to color, linking it with life changes and spiritual development. She has personally helped thousands of people look and feel better. This has changed many lives. She speaks seven languages, has a background in fashion design, teaching and lecturing worldwide. She was the first woman elected to the Board of Junior Chamber International (JCI).

"Ever since I remember I have loved color. I just loved it with all my heart and senses and used it lavishly.
My sincerest wish is that my book will make you realize the importance of color -
how much color is a part of us - that it affects us in so many ways and that we can use it to enhance our looks, our wellbeing and our environment".

"Color is a powerful tool.
Use it any way you like -
but use it your way.
I hope a lot of good things happen to you!"


"COLOR for BODY and SOUL" has been published in English, Swedish and Finnish.

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