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-Elvis' first Motorhome-Dodge 1962, serial no. 3261-198-347, Elvis' first and only Motorhome, very unique, used frequently 1962-64 between movie locations and Memphis. He almost lost his life in this (see Charlie Hodge book "Elvis & Me" where story is told, included). Mattress embroided "Made specially for Elvis Presley".

-Chevy Impala Convertible, 1965, serial no. 164676S123084, piece of history. Elvis "took" it from George Klein, used it at Graceland, gave it later to Gary Pepper (delivered it with Priscilla and Lisa-Marie on Christmas -65). Chapter on this in Marty Lacker book (included).

-Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL, ID no. 10702412004529. Elvis used this when wanted to be incognito. Was parked often in the back at Graceland.

-Lincoln Mark V, 1977, white on white, no. 7Y89S800775, one of the last ones ever bought. Went with this to the funeral of Ginger Alden's Grandpa in Arkansas. Lot of pictures.

-Chevrolet Silverado, 1977 Pick-Up truck, no. CCSS347Z123479. He had to have this dealer's "demo" immediately. At Graceland when he died and sold by Vernon later. TCB logo and 2001 painted on the car.

-Elvis' last Harley Davidson, 1976, no. 3A36911H6, his favorite.



-22 caliber Derringer - kept in his booth when performing

-Black Air Pistol, serial no. Q 630 699 - from Graceland

-His Golden Beretta, Caliber 6.35 Gardone VT - bought Blake Edwards house to get this one

-Kept this Colt 45, World War I gun, gave a similar to President Nixon & Omar  Bradley

-.357 Colt Python 6" handgun, no. E 19531 - Elvis' personal pistol

-Remington 22 Automatic Rifle - Elvis shot snakes and rats with this one at  Graceland

-38 Caliber Smith & Wesson - TCB logo ingraved in it

-38 caliber S & W - the one Elvis shot his yellow Panthera with

-Gun Case for handguns, dark green, shaped like a briefcase

-38 Caliber cases - cartridges that were fired at Graceland

-Elvis Leather Bianchi Monrovia Belt Holster - includes 22 bullets



-Topaz Ring - Elvis bought this in mid '70s, gave it to Melissa Blakwood

-Cuff Links and Tie Pin - Elvis' own that he used

-Bulova Accutron Watch - Gold with ruby red numbers, given to Marty Lacker by Elvis

-Sterling Money Clip - Elvis' made by Tiffany & Co.

-Necklace with Cross - Made by Mike McGregor silver/turquoise large cross, Elvis' jeweler

-Silver Medium Cross - Made by Mike Mc Gregor silver/turquoise necklace, Elvis' jeweler

-Rose & Mother of Pearl Necklace - bought in Germany by Elvis for Minnie Mae

-Gold Colored Compact w. Ruby Colored Stones & Rhinestones, to Minnie Mae by Elvis

-14 K. Gold Bow Pin w. a Diamond, given by Elvis to Minnie Mae, later to Donna Early

-Star Ruby Ring - given to Khang Ree by Elvis in 1971 at the Karate Studio

-Small Cross - Made by Mike McGregor small cross necklace, Elvis' jeweler

-TLC Necklace - Designed for Elvis by Schwartz & Ableser, Beverly Hills

-TCB Necklace - Designed for Elvis by Schwartz & Ableser, Beverly Hills

-TLC 14 K Gold - Diamond pendant given to aunt Delta Mae Biggs by Elvis

-TCB 14 K Gold with Diamonds - pendant that Elvis gave to Dr. Nick

-TCB 14 K Gold - given to Richard Stanley by Elvis

-2.75 K. 4-Diamond Ring - Elvis wore it for 6 months, gave it to Lamar Fike

-Earrings - gold and opal, Elvis' gift to Judy West

-Pair of Earrings - cultured pearls, Elvis gave to Judy West in 1974

-Elvis "Star of David" watch - designed by Elvis and Marty Lacker, 33 made

-White Gold Watch, Piaget w. 32 Diamonds - given to Dr. Nick by Elvis

-14 K. Gold ID Bracelet - given to Jackie Kahane by Elvis

-Money Clip - given to Elvis by Milton Prell, owner of Sahara Las Vegas Hotel




-Red Scarf - owned and worn by Elvis

-White Scarf - owned and worn by Elvis

-Blue Shirt - made by Memphis Uniform Co. designed and worn by Elvis

-Elvis Presley Personal Vest - was given to Patsy Presley

-Linda Thompson Black/Golden Pantsuit - worn by longtime girlfriend Linda

-Black Shirt - was given to Elvis in late '60s

-Striped Baseball Jersey from Memphis Police Department - Elvis' teamjersey

-Elvis Presley Brown Necktie - Elvis' tie with blue polka dots

-3 different Tim Baty Jumpsuits - Elvis' back up singer Tiom Baty's suits

-Yellow Coat from Girl Happy - Coat that Elvis used in the movie

-Elvis Presley Las Vegas 2-piece leather suit - Light tan and stiched soft leather suit

-Orange Tour Jacket with TCB logo - used in late 60's by Elvis' entourage

-2 Red Tour Jackets - Apollo by Haloway, Authentic Elvis Tour member Jacket

-2 Stripe Tour Jackets Blue/White and Red - used by Elvis' tourmembers in 60's

-White Sweater - owned and worn by Priscilla Presley

-Elvis' Personal Karate Outfit - used when he was doing Karate

-Jacket - owned and worn by Priscilla

-Elvis' Strawhat - from Circle G Ranch

-Priscilla Presley Dress - belonged to Priscilla, black in color

-Pair of Black Patent Boots - Elvis' stage boots, wore on many performances

-Linda Thompson dress - wore and owned by Elvis' girlfriend Linda

-Elvis' Pair of Sweat Pants - white with blue stripes

-Elvis Personal Jogging Suit - XL 1970, light blue, w. dark trim, white stripes

-Leather Sleeve Concert Jacket, red/blue

-Fur and Gray Leather Coat - Elvis bought to Sandy Miller

-White and Black Fur/Leather Coat - Elvis bought and gave to Jo Smith

-Eddie Rabbit Satin Shirt

-Eddie Rabbit Jacket - Eddie Rabbit made the song Kentucky Rain for Elvis

-Mirror Concert Belt - worn by Elvis and given to Jerry Reed in Nashville




-Epiphone Guitar, # 1135661 - Elvis gave it to Sheri Lacker at Graceland

-Harmony Guitar - owned by Elvis, gave it later to Aunt Lorraine

-Franciscan Guitar - Elvis played this one a lot at Graceland, in the airplane etc.

-Elvis' Gibson Guitar Case




-Racquetball Racquet - used by Elvis at Graceland

-Press Box Pass - from Soldier field in Chicago, signed by Elvis

-1975 Official Game Magazine, Memphis Southmen - signed by Elvis and given to Marty Lacker

-Program Book - Grizzlies vs. Portland, signed by Elvis, gave to Marty Lacker

-The 1974 Program Book - Memphis vs. Detroit, signed by Elvis and given to Marty Lacker

-Shelby County Sheriff's Badge - was ordered specially for Elvis

-Pair of Handcuffs - Elvis' cuffs, model Bianchi 500 wrist cuffs

-Pool Ball no. 3 - old poolball from Graceland, when old ones were replaced

-Pool Ball no. 2 - see above

-Pool Ball no. 12 - see above

-Pool Ball no. 14 - see above

-Football - was frequently used by Elvis at Graceland

-Football (Spalding) - was Elvis' and autographed by him at Graceland

-Bell & Howell Portable Phone - walkie-talkie used by Elvis at Graceland

-Elvis' Black Flashlight - also believed to be a metal detector, police item

-Elvis' Karate Wrist Bands

-Elvis' Karate Black Belt

-1 Elvis' Sheriff's Badge # 6 - badge from Shelby County




-9 x 11 Canvas Painting - flower stem set, comes from Graceland

-9 x 11 Painting - Pelican like Bird, comes from Graceland

-Fiber Optic Lamp - lamp from Elvis' nightstand at Graceland

-Silk Flower Arrangement - from Elvis' Hillcrest Drive, California home

-Japanese Decorative Planter - from Elvis' Hillcrest Drive, California home

-Hanging Macrame Plant Holder - from Graceland/his Jungle Room

-Framed Oil Painting - pears w. waterpitcher, from Hillcrest Dr. home

-Framed Oil Painting - fruit on a plate, from Hillcrest Drive home

-Two Pictures - one w. Peacock motive, other w. man & woman from Jungle Room at Graceland

-2 Wrought Iron Tables - given to Loraine Smith, from Elvis' Audubon home

-Wood Table - owned by Elvis' mother Gladys, given to the Smiths

-Brass and Glass Clock - given to Elvis at Christmas for his Monovale home

-His Box Telephone - in wood/leather box, rotary dial

-Decorative Bonsai Tree - leaves and flowers made of jade. From his Hillcrest home

-Table - from Elvis' Hillcrest home

-Endtable - from Elvis' Hillcrest home

-Table - from Elvis' Monovale Drive home

-TV Cabinet - from Elvis' Monovale Drive home

-Antique White Magnavox Television - from Graceland

-Credenza - from Elvis' Monovale Drive home

-2 Wrought Iron Chairs - from Elvis' Hillcrest home, from pool area

-Elvis RCA G2000 TV - the one he shot at Graceland with gun

-Flowered Painting from Elvis' Hillcrest Dr. home

-White Cast Iron Pool Furniture - comes from his Hillcrest Dr. home, long bench

-Elvis' sofa from his Hillcrest home




-Piece of Soap - came from airplane Lisa Marie, Elvis personal Convair 880

-8 x 10 Glossy Picture - Elvis and Marty Lacker in 1970 at Graceland gates

-"Off My Chest"- Jimmy Brown book that belonged to Elvis

-1 book "The Prophet" - by Kahil Gibran, belonged to Elvis

-The Book "As the Man Thinketh" - Elvis' book he gave to Marty Lacker

-Electric hairbrush & comb - Elvis' personal and used by him

-Black Magnifying Glass - kept on his desk at Graceland

-Champagne glass, fork & knife, burgundy/brown napkin from Elvis' wedding

-Flow Chart - showed responsibilities of Elvis' aides, kept in Elvis' office

-6 Gold plated items - come from Elvis' home

-Gold Plated Brick - from Elvis' Beverly Hills home

-Elvis' 2 demo acetates - "Are You Lonesome Tonight" & "I Gotta Know"

-1 Set of Blue and White China - used at Circle G Ranch by Elvis & Priscilla

-1 piece of Carpet from Elvis' Den at Graceland - came in the early '70s

-1 Elvis' Cassette Tape Recorder - Magnavox & General Electric

-Tandem Bicycle - Elvis' personal, from "Thats The Way It Is", unique item

-Tombstone - model for the original, was on Elvis' grave for 6 weeks, unique

-Authographed Beatles Photo - given by Beatles to Billy Smith when Elvis and Beatles met, very unique item

-Elvis' Telephone Book - 1963 - 1966, very unique

-Elvis Presley Personal Stationary - from Elvis' upstairs Graceland office

-4 Backstage Passes - used by Elvis' tourmembers for security reasons

-Unused Tickets - from different Elvis' concerts in North America

-Thank You Note - sent to Travis & Loraine Smith for the wedding gift by Elvis and Priscilla

-Script - Priscilla's script from gueststaring on the show "Dallas"

-Army Patches from Germany - from Elvis' time in service (7 different), unique

-Exxon Credit Card - Elvis' personal credit card, very unique

-RCA Belt Buckle - Elvis' personal buckle worn by him

-Saddle and Bridle - custom made white leather for his "Colonel Midnight"

-Book "Elvis and Me" - signed by Priscilla Presley

-Letters from MGM - correspondence between MGM Studios and Elvis

-RCA Victor Record Player - used by Elvis at Graceland

-Sun Lable Single Records - 3 records Elvis played frequently at Graceland

-Signed Picture of Colonel and Lamar - says "As always, snowing"

-Gold Record - given to Lamar by Elvis for a sale of more than 1 million

-Orange/Red Show Member Button - giving to Elvis' tour members for security  reasons

-Invitation Card - invitation to Colonel Parker thirteenth anniversary party

-Wardrobe piece - piece of Elvis' wardrobe from RCA

-Deed Copy - copy of Deed of Elvis' Circle G Ranch

-Mirror Pillow from Graceland - with picture of Linda Thompson

-Elvis Shirt Design - Red, drawing of custom made shirt

-Elvis Shirt Design - Blue, drawing of custom made shirt

-Checkstub # 683 - from Elvis Presley Music Inc., Royalty for "Ready Teddy"

-Scotty Moore Fan Club Card - Blank

-Elvis personal Lapal Pin - worn by him, "PIG" "Pride, Integrity, Guts", unique

-Deed of Trust - from Lee County, the Presley's Tupelo home,very unique

-Original "Warranty Deed" - Elvis' first house, 1034 Audubon Dr., very unique

-Original Design - Elvis Memorial Buckle, 1977

-Original Design - 1:st Elvis Presley Edition Belt Buckle

-Tennesse Karate Institute - certificate of rank, signed by Elvis

-Original Tennesse License Plate - issued to Elvis' -77 Cadillac

-Original Tennesse License Plate - issued to Elvis' 1966 Rolls Royce

-Original Tennesse License Plate - issued to Elvis' 1969 Mercedes Limo, silver

-Original Tennesse License Plate - issued to Elvis' 1972 Cadillac

-Karate Banner - original banner from Elvis' karate school

-8 x 10 photo - b & w Elvis rehearsing w, DJ Fontana & Scotty Moore

-8 x 10 color, framed photo of general Omar Bradley, signed by Bradley, given to Elvis, unique

-Silver Concho Jewelry Buckle - from one of Elvis' belts

-Postcard of Colonel Parker - signed on color to Roy, with regret, Col. Tom

-Elvis' Broken Sunglasses - bought at "The Broadway" in Los Angeles

-Footrest for Elvis' 1976 Harley Davidson

-Mirror keychain to Elvis' last Cadillac Seville, 1977

-Elvis' Personal TCB Stationary - used for correspondence from Graceland

-Elvis' pair of Joke Glasses - when he imitated Peter Seller

-2 Special Elvis Presley Deputy Cards - from Billy Smith

-2 Silver Tissue Holders - from Elvis' Hillcrest Drive home

-Red Gum Ball Machine - Elvis' from Circle G Ranch

-Elvis Globe Shaped Radio - a radio Elvis used at Graceland

-Elvis in Hollywood - Paul Lichter book, Elvis Personal copy given to Marty L.

-His own Personal Postcard- to promote show at International Hotel in Las V.

-Elvis Presley Belt Buckle - prototype, never put into production

-4 Crystal Liquor Decanters - w. pewter hang tags around the necks from Graceland.

-2 Large Gold Leaf Cherubs - comes from Graceland

-Elvis' Blue Bible -given by him and Linda to Aunt Loraine

-Identification Cards of entourage members

-Sewing Cushion - from Elvis' home, used when fixing his drapes

-Original Inventory List from Elvis' Palm Springs home - all pages initialized by Elvis

-Elvis' recording equipments from American Studios, very unique and rare


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