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The Fern collection of Elvis memorabilia is unrivaled by any competing private collection and has been described as “…second only to Graceland” by Elvis’ stepbrother, David Stanley.  The collection includes a wide variety of museum quality artifacts that meticulously document each stage of Elvis’ life and career

This far-reaching and extensive collection includes not only items of historical importance but also a wide array memorabilia and collectibles related to Elvis from the 1950s to the present day. FERN began collecting over 25 years ago and has carefully created one of the most important Elvis collections today.

The collection boasts over 200 items, of impeccable provenance, which represent Elvis’ personal life, career and his passions.  The collection’s historical importance lies in more than the life of Elvis alone.  The collection also documents the musical genre that Elvis is largely responsible for ushering into popularity in the 1950s, Rock N Roll.

The collection spans Elvis’ entire life including items dating back to Elvis’ humble beginnings and childhood, to the tombstone model, which marked his passing, until the final stone was finished. The collection includes items that represent one of Elvis’ well-documented passions in life, firearms, which include an owned and used Remington rifle, and perhaps his most famous firearm, a golden Beretta handgun.

The collection includes a total of six Elvis vehicles including his first motor home, which he used as his personal trailer on film sets. It also includes the last Harley Davidson motorcycle registered in his name. The collection contains: three guitars; a variety of guns in addition to those mentioned specifically above; a variety of personally owned and worn jewelry; gifts personally chosen by Elvis for his friends and relatives.

The collection has also incorporated a vast amount of additional material, which has been assembled to create a collection that is ready for museum exhibition and display.  These items include: official merchandising; film posters; reproduction pieces including a replica of the famous entrance gates to the Graceland Estate; specially commissioned hand painted murals, together with informative mounted collages of press cuttings and photographs charting Elvis’ birth, army service, home life and Vegas years, as well as the people and places that influenced him.

All of the items in this museum collection have been fully researched and documented.  Many of the items have been examined and in some cases contributed by those who were closest to Elvis.  Each item has it’s own letter providing documentary evidence to support it’s provenance and connection to Elvis, the Presley family or his inner circle.

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